Hotel Brest Balladins : hebergement à la pointe du Finistere en Bretagne

Hotel Brest Balladins : hebergement à la pointe du Finistere en BretagneHotel Brest Balladins : hebergement à la pointe du Finistere en BretagneHotel Brest Balladins : hebergement à la pointe du Finistere en Bretagne
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BREST, city resolutely turned towards the sea, accomodates you and recommends you not to miss:

oceanic environnement park - OCEANOPOLIS

In the heart of the oceans of planet, come to live an extraordinary voyage!
From poles to the tropics, while passing by the moderated seas, you will discover through three houses nearly 10 000 animals representing more than 1 000 species. Single in Europe, OCEANOPOLIS awaits you. Then, are you ready to live one unforgettable day?
One day is necessary to discover Océanopolis in its totality. We recommend to get to the park in the early morning and to take your access pass at  reception of the hotel.


Within the exceptional framework of the castle, the national Navy museum shelters a splendid collection of pilot works of the great naval adventure of the arsenal of Brest.
The tour associates interior and external, making it possible to the visitor to appreciate the richness of the maritime collections, the remarkable architecture of the castle: Gallo-Roman foundations with the fortifications of Vauban while passing by the curtains and the covered way.


Built on a block of granite, the Bastille of Quilbignon or Tower of the Tanguy Mound  occupies a privileged situation in edge of Penfeld and facing the castle. Built in  XIV century second part, the Tanguy tower became the justice seat of the lords of Châtel and remained it until 1580.
The Tanguy tower shelters immense dioramas which are as many historical reconstitutions and of walks through the picturesque streets of Brest before 1939.


Discover the naval base of Brest and go up on a warship board  according to the availabilities to quay


Strengthened site built under Louis XVI. Museum of the second world war.

nautical tours

Commented visit of brest natural harbour and its military and civilian infrastructures, cruising dinner, connections transrades from Brest to the Fret, Camaret,
Boarding: marina, close to Océanopolis.


Two islands bordered by a formidable belt of reefs and currents, a hard, rough and beautiful nature... Ushant, charm of traditions: breeding of the sheep, stone-built houses with the shutters painted in blue or green...


Country of Iroise
Sail on the sea of Iroise: veil and kayak  in training course or hiring, take the tourist road of wild Landunvez coast to discover by walk, bicycle, or car, discover the point Saint-Mathieu in Plougonvelin, the ruins of its abbey, its headlight.

Country of the River mouths
In this country of legends, listen to the secrecy of the old stones, discover the shade of secret places. Once tamed this imaginary world, the River mouths, long roots of sea which plunge in the grounds, leads you towards other atmospheres.
Benefit from your halts for a greedy pause... Everywhere and in any season, the spectacle is imposing.


Veiled, the decoration is planted, whatever your choice, all is ready to accomodate you!